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Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.35.48 AMVAIN LLC is an independent media company focused on sharing and celebrating the stories and interests of multicultural millennial women. With the voice of a best friend, knowledge base of an expert and passion like family we provide women with highly engaging and innovative content. With a diverse and powerful portfolio attracting millions of the worlds most coveted demographic including: Erica Vain, Vain Life, FitVain, Tech Vain, Travel Vain, in addition to various cultural additions Espana, UK Editions. Across Digital, Print and Video brands VAIN LLC produces extraordinary high quality content.

Women value relationships and seek out brands that allow them to connect with each other. Engagement is a phrase that has been consistent in discussions about Millennials.  Women especially want to be included in the conversation instead of being told what to do or what to purchase. - millennialmarketing.com

In the US - Census 2010 data indicates that Millennials—people born after 1980-represent 35% of total population, the largest and youngest consumer segment in the US. Of these, 40% are multicultural: 18% Hispanic, 15% Black and 4% Asian and 3% all other multicultural. - redbeansociety.com



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We partner with amazing brands to engage and excite millions of women will providing measurable results for all brands involved.

Reports on Millennial annual purchasing power widely range between $125 billion and $890 billion. A more consistent estimate is $200 billion of direct purchasing power and $500 billion of indirect spending, largely due to the influence on the spending of their mostly baby boomer parents.M1 With Millennials’ peak buying power still decades away, marketers would do well to establish relationships with this consumer force. - uschamberfoundation.org

The Agency is our full-service brand marketing + experience studio created to offer our marketing partners addition resources and support in their marketing efforts and research collection. VAIN specializes in communicating with multicultural millennial women with dynamic mediums of interest. The Agency provides similar insights and resources to each of our marketing partners. It is vital to link consumers via passion points and leverage all industry resources to achieve maximum marketing results for any brand. Our in-house content creators are at your service.

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