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#TEAMVAIN is a group of highly motivated, innovative and life loving individuals. Each person has there strong suits which makes for a seamless piecing of the VAIN pie.

#TEAMVAIN Prides itself on providing an amazing online experience for its readers and celebrating everyone from celebs to fans. VAIN LLC’s mission is to assist everyone in curating their lives and #TEAMVAIN works tirelessly to consistently deliver great visuals, compelling content and an addictive experience. JOIN US! Tweet @TEAMVAIN and Hashtag #TEAMVAIN in your social media communications!


Erica Vain

CEO/ Editor-in-Chief

Born and raised in Baltimore, built in Detroit and educated in New Orleans, Erica Vain has always been a girl on the go.

From the age three she started to fly solo in order to spend summers with her dad in Detroit, MI. In first grade she started playing basketball and activated her innate competitive edge. In high school she went on to play Volleyball, Tennis, compete in Track & Field in addition to her first athletic love Basketball. All of her athletic and scholastic hard work paid off as she was rewarded a full athletic scholarship (playing both basketball and volleyball) at division one school Xavier University. Post graduation she matriculated into Morgan State University’s graduate school studying immunohistochemistry and earning a Master’s of Science in Biology.

The year of her graduate school graduation Erica Vain decided that she wanted to do more and needed a life outside of the lab. She (for as long as she could remember) was always interested in celebrity entertainment, music and fashion but was never sure of how to blend her love of entertainment with her love of science. Then the idea for EricaVain.com came to her. EricaVain.com was the first step that led to the expansion that now is VAIN LLC. Shortly after starting EricaVain.com (after seeing almost immediate success and notoriety) she decided to learn and build the business behind the blog and the rest is VAIN history. Today ERICA VAIN has parlayed her popularity into other VAIN brand such as VainLife.com, ChicVain.com, FitVain.com and more. Always busy and seeking a evolution she is currently further expanding the VAIN Brand with the focus on “Helping People Curate Their Life to Be What They WANT! What they truly WANT!”

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“I am living the life I want as everyone should! I’m an open book and lover of life! Let’s Connect!” -EricaVain

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 3.42.56 AM

Ami Sheth

Hardworking and down to earth are two qualities that helps Ami Sheth  fit into #TeamVain so well as Manager of the Human Resources Department. She recently finished her MBA at the University of Maryland, University College.

“I love meeting new people and always open to new experiences, which led me to apply to this position. One of my dreams includes travelling around the world, since I feel that there is no such thing as ‘enough travel.’ There are always new places to see and new adventures to go on, and I can’t wait to experience them!” – Ami




Assistant Copy Editor

The Los Angeles native joined VAIN LLC in May 2013 and is currently managing her position from across the pond. The technical yet creative journalism student is studying abroad from Kenyon College in London, England. Celine has an impeccable eye for details, great grasp of time management and easily integrated and helped with the evolution of VAIN LLC editorial content. Prior to her overseas departure she represented VAIN on the west coast as our copy editor and west coast contributor.

“Celine is amazing I kinda don’t know how else to describe her! She gives her all and her all is always amazing!” -EricaVain



Creative Director (EricaVain.com)

“Terrell Anderson is one of the most creative and talented young men I have EVER met” – EricaVain

Terrell and Erica Vain met via the web in 2009 at the very beginning of their blogging careers. They initially gravitated to each other due to impressive content and similar names (at the time Terrell went by Terrell Vanity). Early on Erica recognized Terrell’s immense raw talent and potential and the rest is creative collaboration history. Terrell is the designer behind the critically acclaimed (current theme) look of EricaVain.com entitled EricaVain 2.0. The redesign was a follow up to his initial completely custom design of EricaVain in 2012. With a purely creative mind, passionate heart and free spirit Terrell spearheaded the 2013 BET Takeover of EricaVain.com; allowed for the curation of up to the minute BET Awards 2013 coverage.

In addition to his works with VAIN, Terrell has a ton of celebrity and entertainment works under his belt. He single-handedly transformed the experience of readers and fans for Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Tiffany Evans and major bloggers alike! Not just a designer, Terrell has created numerous blogs (Terrell Vanity.com, Celebloid.com, TV-Cafe.com and more) and contributes to the amazing field of entertainment journalism.



Managing/Copy Editor

With a bachelors degree in biology under her belt, Tyfani brings an analytical and precise eye to the editorial content delivered by VAIN LLC. Each brand produces its tailored information but not before Tyf and her team gives the OK. Hailing from Baltimore, Md, Tyf loves reading and editing a range of journalistic pieces. When not hard at work evolving, securing and delivery the key VAIN editorial voice she spends time at home with her husband and siblings. CEO, Erica Vain taps Tyfani for plenty of advice and ideas as she sees her as one of the most talented, grounded and focused young women she know!

Publishing Platforms

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EricaVain.com is the catalyst for the majority of content published throughout the VAIN platform. Since its inception in 2009, ERICAVAIN has been a growing authority of celebrity and entertainment, fashion, music, and beauty, for young metropolitans. With an interactive design, innovative photography, and a unique editorial voice, ERICAVAIN reaches beyond the web, touching the pages Read more

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Portfolio of Lifestyle photographer and director Michael Grecco


VainLife.com is the premiere lifestyle section of theVAIN collective. It is the online destination for the people of all ages seeking community, advice, conversation and growth. While EricaVain.com tends to cover a wide range of celebrity entertainment news we wanted to also spotlight some of the factors, forces and influences that tend to produce much of the behavior, Read more

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VAIN LLC launched fashion focused EricaVain.com counterpart, ChicVain.com on January 1, 2013.  Chic Vain is devoted to providing our Vain readership with a dedicated destination for all things fashionable, stylish, on trend and exciting. The Chic Chick is confident, ambitious, adventurous as well as poised and we think its time she has an online destination that exemplifies just that. Chic:ˈshēk: 1. smart elegance Read more

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  FitVain.com is coming soon to the VAIN collective. It is the fit and wellness portal for all active folks. With content spanning low impact like yoga to high impact marathon or triathlon training there is sure to be something for everyone. FitVain hopes to be  more than a fitness how to site but a community Read more



YummyVain.com is coming soon to the VAIN collective. It is the food portal for all the food loving, desert diving and spirits sharing VAIN folks. With content spanning simple snacks to 8 course meal prep, there is sure to be something for everyone. YummyVain hopes to be  more than a food recipe site but a community Read more



EricaVain.com definitely has a female focus, which is why EricaVain knew that she needed to add a male component to the collective. With a strong focus on hip hop and males in entertainment, VainMen.com will also look to inform, empower and educate young males in the realm of career, style, family, focus and love. Stay Read more



TeenVain.com is coming soon to the VAIN collective. It is the online destination for the 20 and under crew. While EricaVain.com tends to cover a wide range of celebrity entertainment news we kinda wanted to focus on those stories that are sought out by the 21 – 35 year old age group, hence the creation Read more

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